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Thom Epps, PhD

Lead Scientist, Stormwater Systems

Dr. Thom Epps is a stormwater researcher living in Ocean City, MD with over 13 years’ experience studying how water and society interact. Thom has sometimes been referred to as Craftwater’s Mad Scientist, often descending for days into his laboratory only to resurface with a novel approach or solution to problems posed by clients and the industry at large.  This behind the scenes problem-solving has been a driver for the efficiency and robust nature of a large portion of Craftwater’s science & modeling work to date.  This includes most recently the Stormwater Master Plans for the Cities of Alhambra and Pasadena, the Upper L.A. River Watershed Management Group’s preSIP, City of San Diego’s Stormwater Harvesting Study, the L.A. County Flood Control Districts Metrics & Modeling Study, and the Gateway Management Authority’s GAP Analysis. Before joining Craftwater, Thom entered the consulting field after 8 years in research and graduate school and learned the ropes under Craftwater’s Engineers to give his work a solid grounding in local industry practices and construction realities in BMP design and Watershed Planning. Prior to his career in consulting, Thom received his Master’s degree from Clemson University in Biosystems Engineering, studying the Lower Coastal Plain runoff response to inform better stormwater design practices in South Carolina.  After a few years in Portland OR studying hydrology and green infrastructure through internships with USGS and the West Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District, Thom pursued his doctorate at the University of Tennessee.  He received his PhD in Civil & Environmental Engineering with pioneering research in urban impervious impacts and green infrastructure siting decision-making. In his downtime, Thom is an avid reader, paddler, and outdoor walk & thinker.  He is a member of Col. Forbin’s Ascendency Society and he once saved a turkey vulture from drowning.

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