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The engineering design and implementation of regional stormwater capture projects are rife with unique challenges related to their physical location, regulating agencies, and community acceptance. The Craftwater Feasibility and Design team has navigated these issues firsthand and we have built an array of proven solutions that have successfully pushed projects through design and construction. We have conceptually laid out, evaluated the feasibility of, and designed more TMDL-driven regional stormwater capture projects together than any other team in California in the past five years. We pair high-caliber, award-winning design work with strategic stormwater compliance plans, as evidenced by our leadership roles in over 100 different types of stormwater projects throughout California including master plans, WMPs, feasibility studies, and full design. Our team designed 8 of the 11 largest regional stormwater capture projects that have been constructed in the Los Angeles area to meet TMDLs, and another 12 regional stormwater capture projects that are awaiting construction groundbreaking. These regional projects total just over $1 billion in construction value.

  • Innovative and environmentally responsible design solutions

  • Optimization-based design approach resulting in significant cost savings for clients

  • Leading the advance of stormwater capture performance 

  • High-caliber, award winning designs

Caruthers Park Stormwater Capture Project


Our team supported the City of Bellflower with design and construction services for their first regional stormwater capture facility for the Los Cerritos and the Lower San Gabriel River Watersheds.  The goal of the project was to help the City comply with their bacteria and metals TMDL, while providing additional benefits of potable water offset and park revitalization. Stormwater runoff from a 261-acre area was diverted from the 72” Storm Drain on the south side of the park in the Los Cerritos Channel Watershed.  The project also captures discharges from 2,995 acres on the east side of the park in the Lower San Gabriel River. The facility redirects all dry weather and wet weather runoff from the storm drain and open channel through the diversion systems and pre-treatment systems to remove trash, debris, and sediment. A drainage pipeline conveys the flows into a large, buried, multi-chambered storage and infiltration facility. The project consisted of the following major components: storm drain diversion systems, subsurface storage and diversion facility, and a stormwater harvesting unit.

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