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Brianna Datti, MS

Lead Engineer, Water Quality Science and Regulations

Brianna Datti is a lead engineer of regulatory and water quality science, with over five years of experience in stormwater management and water quality planning. Brianna has recently led two of the first scientific studies supported through the Safe Clean Water Program in Los Angeles, supported recent revisions to seven of the Los Angeles County Watershed Management Programs, submitted four adaptive management and permit-required reporting, and managed strategic planning as well as the stormwater funding strategy and communications in San Diego. Throughout this experience, Brianna has utilized watershed and water quality modeling and analyses as critical tools and an in-depth understanding of strategies to reach compliance with TMDLs, MS4 permit requirements, and other regulatory conditions. Before joining Craftwater, Brianna served as technical lead on watershed modeling projects related to the development and adaptation of TMDLs, multiple watershed master plans, compliance analyses and source studies, and associated strategic monitoring work plans. Brianna has her environmental engineering degree from the University of Connecticut and Master of Science in Civil and Environmental Engineering with a focus on environmental fluid mechanics and hydrology from Cornell University. Originally from New Hampshire, Brianna spends much of her free time along the San Diego coast playing volleyball, a sport that has been integral to her life since the age of nine.

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